Pizzeria Mozza, West Hollywood

Pizzeria Mozza is an LA staple, and as always it never disappoints- and for that reason Priya took me out for pizza and wine for my birthday.  A simple menu done well, a nice wine list and great atmosphere make for a fun weekend meal or delicious lunch.  Our somellier, although new to Pizzeria Mozza, was knowledgeable and kept us entertained all throughout our meal. Priya’s lessening hatred of fish allowed us to order an Italian classic of Baccalà, or salted cod, made with a twist. Creamy, breaded, fried goodness with a rich aioli to match.  The pizzas were good as always, although Priya’s squash blossom pizza came out cold. However, our waiter was more than happy to provide a fresh piping hot one from the oven.  The surprise of the night was the potato pizza, a favourite to the people of Florence, however often overlooked because of the double carb combo- it was delicious.  Rich, salty and a little bitter, it all made for a great combination.  If you make it to Pizzeria Mozza, book ahead as they are always busy and if you feel so inclined ask to sit in the next door room, a cosy cellar-esque nook to appease the senses while you feast.


Prié Blanc, Ermes Pavese – Val d’Aosta | 2009

salted cod croquettes 

squash blossoms & burrata

fennel sausage, panna, red onions & scallions

gorgonzola dolce, fingerling potatoes, radicchio, rosemary

Pizzeria Mozza on Urbanspoon

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